Looking at Objects, UCL

Trista, Helen and Karen

Trista, Helen and Karen facing the packaging challenge

On 7-8 September two HWB co-directors, Melina and Dominica, taught their first Introduction to Conservation Course at University College London.  It was a joint venture with UCL’s Centre for Heritage, Museums and Material Culture.

Joanna and Imogen, participants

Joanna and Imogen carrying out a condition assessment on objects from UCL's collections

The participants enjoyed interacting with objects from UCL’s collections.  We certainly had a great time introducing the principles of conservation.  Communication is fundamental to Heritage Without Borders and teaching this course gave us a chance to engage with museum and heritage professionals and understand better what conservation problems they face in their day jobs at their organisations and in their research pursuits.

HWB covered a range of basic preventive conservation information and found that we reinforced a lot of the practices with which participants were already familiar.  They all appreciated spending some intensive time carrying out condition assessments, discussing and handling objects from UCL’s collections.

As a result of the feedback from the course, HWB may look to provide more in depth conservation courses on particular materials in the future.