From Anyla

   It was not only a training for object conservation, It was much more than that.  It was a training  that teaches you and informs you  about so many things, starting from the simplest things in life, like how to fold clothes in way that could prevent them and make them last longer, or how to create the right level of humidity in your  jewelry box in order to keep them clean and conserved for a long time, continuing  with the whole process of conservation, to the most sophisticated details as part of the conservation process.

One  week, under the influence of  6 lovely ladies (Instructors and assistants) that were so kind, and so understanding, explaining everything in details, sharing their experience, trying every time to make the lessons as comprehensive as possible, they managed  to stay closer to the group, making sure that everyone was participating.

Also  the way the whole group communicated and collaborated together was really amazing, and It was a great opportunity to learn too.Everyone  shared something form their own work, which resulted to be a much effective way of improving knowledge  and in a way I think It  completed the whole learning process. Different ages and cultures identities  just “melted” down making  the days go by really fast.

The good humor and  warm atmosphere continued even after the training was finished. We used to go out together, sit on the table near to each other, and you could not see a single person staying alone apart from us. It It simply amazing how different people can go along with each other so well.

It was a continued success of previous projects of CwB & HCwB about social awareness of conservation immportance, and also about  providing basic skills in remedial conservation.

I really want to thank each and every one of the participants. They all gave something to this training, leaving behind nothing but respect, and memories of  good days together,  wishing there will be more meetings like this one, and hoping to see each other again!

Thank you all! Hope to see you again!


With love,

Anyla, Kosovo

Anyla and the team