From Yljana

I heard about it accidentally, I came to the Museum to visit one of my colleagues but I ended up becoming apart of an amazing experience. The first person I meet was Azra, she seemed like a vey nice girl, the other girls did too. The first talk I had was with Megan, I learned a lot from her, Stefanie and Francesca.

The most interesting thing was exchanging experience with other people from other countries. This was a really good thing for me because it was the first time I experienced this. The presentations were very interesting, but most of all I liked Megan’s presentation about pollution and what damages it causes.  Stefanie’s presentation about humidity and temperature was very good too. She underlined the fact that we have to store objects in a relative temperature and a RH too.  The temporary changes cause most damage to objects.

Another thing I like was the method of inventorying the collection. Stefanie gave us information, which talked about all materials, wood, glass, leather, metal etc, and the levels of damages which were 1,2,3,4. The two first stages were OK, which means that the object may stay in that stage and it is in a good condition. When we identify that an object is in the third or in the fourth stage we should be worried because the situation of the object is not good at all. When we list all the objects of the collection we do all no.1 with yellow color, no.2 with green, no.3 with blue and the red one is occupied by the fourth level.  It is a really good way to find the objects of the same category quickly to understand the collection and to provide evidence about conservation needs which also makes a good impression to the boss.

And the packing was like a theatre, it was fun. The most important thing and the message of the school was to learn how to protect the object from decay and to share our experience with other people. You can`t do anything alone, you must work in group, like Megan sad.

With few words, I loved it.

By Yljana Ylli

Yljana doing her invaluable job as an instant translator!