About us

Heritage Without Borders is a registered charity (charity no. 1148568).  It was started as an independent social enterprise in 2010 by three colleagues who met at University College London (UCL).  We became aware of many projects, particularly in the developing world, where conservation and heritage skills were needed but people could not access or afford them. We also knew of recent graduates and heritage professionals who were keen to help but had no means of getting involved.

We believe that effective training and two-way interactions between heritage professionals and local communities can result in practical solutions to keep our past alive.

Two of us were previously members of Conservators without Borders which – with the help of a small grant from UCL – ran a series of projects in Jordan, Greece and Peru where we worked with local communities, training them in basic conservation techniques. Our archaeological conservation work there provided a blueprint for how our organisation could grow to meet new needs.

Through Heritage Without Borders we will broaden our activities to work with museums, historic buildings and collections and archaeological sites internationally. Removing the barrier of ‘cost’, Heritage without Borders  aims to help alleviate poverty through the improvement of heritage provision.

Our work is primarily funded through grants and donations.  Find out more about giving to Heritage Without Borders.

We invite UK residents from all over the United Kingdom to volunteer and get involved. In the future, we hope to be able to accommodate international volunteers, but we are not currently set up to do this.  Click here to find out more about volunteering, or click here to read about some of our volunteers.

Click here to read more about the staff and directors of Heritage Without Borders.

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