What we do

Amy Drago - Training session in Jordan

We believe that heritage matters, do you?

Heritage Without Borders is a non-profit social enterprise interested in forming valuable and lasting partnerships with international projects and organisations, particularly those in developing counties. We work alongside our partners to understand their heritage needs and skill gaps, and unite them with trained volunteers who can work with them to understand, interpret, use and conserve their heritage.

It is important that we always have a long-term and sustainable impact in the area in which we work. The experience also needs to be safe and productive for our experts, who give their time on a voluntary basis. Accordingly, we are careful in the selection of suitable governmental and non-governmental organisations with which we work. We are always interested to receive project ideas, please contact us for further information.

Heritage Without Borders relies on charitable support in order to continue our work. If you would be interested in supporting our work we would be delighted to hear from you.