Who we work with

Heritage Without Borders strives to maintain high ethical standards in every project we undertake.

It is essential that all our projects have positive and sustainable outcomes, and that both our volunteers and partners have a rewarding and valuable experience. It is necessary for us to set criteria for selecting partners and projects, in order to ensure they meet our objectives and are in line with our ethical standards.

It is important that our partners:

  • demonstrate a strong interest in conserving and improving access to their heritage, even if they do not have the expertise to carry it out
  • value the role of education and training in building sustainable solutions for heritage needs
  • are willing to engage with volunteers and take advice on finding solutions to heritage issues
  • strive to make collections (tangible and intangible) accessible to public
  • have a willingness to contribute and assist with proposed projects
  • are able to provide heritage professionals with experience of working on site
  • can show that they cannot find appropriately qualified individuals to hire locally or that they do not have the funds to do so
  • adhere to our ethical standards and are not engaged in the looting of archaeological material or in the antiquities trade

It is important that our projects:

  • provide sustainable outreach and training opportunities;
  • have the potential to increase local knowledge about heritage and conservation issues
  • are suitable for a team of volunteers to work on for 2-4 weeks per year
  • have safe and suitable accommodation and work space

If you think you are a potential partner or if you have a project idea that might of interest, we would love to hear from you – please contact us to discuss further.