Textile Conservation Gjirokastra Day 7

Posted by Melangell Penrhys

Today was a well-earned group trip for everyone and we had a lovely day organised by Nedi to Butrint and the Blue Eye Spring…here are our pictures! The Hellenic period theatre   The Blue Eye Spring

Gjirokastra Textile Conservation Day 6

Posted by Melangell Penrhys

For 6 days now we have all started the day with Albanian dumplings dripping with honey, but with cucumber on the side of course. We find this fortifies us for any challenge that may lie ahead. First thing this morning Lyndsey set the group an interpretation task in the Gjirokastra Museum up at the Castle. [...]

Gjirokastra Textile Conservation Day 5

Posted by Melangell Penrhys

We awoke to the sight of snow on the mountain tops this morning and there was a chill in the air….brrrr! We all wrapped up warm and climbed up the cobbled hill to Babameto for the first talk from Becky on displaying textiles. She showed the participants how they could make padded boards and hangers [...]

Gjirokastra Textile Conservation: Day 4

Posted by Rebecca Schult

  Today we began the very dusty job of cleaning some of the Ethnographic Museum textiles! Before embarking on Operation Dust-bust, we had two lectures from Mela on pests in textile collections, and surface cleaning. We had a lot to do with both in our practical session today. Before we began, we had a visit [...]

Gjirokastra Textile Conservation: Day 3

Posted by Azra

We started the day with a misty look at the beautiful mountains which surround this stone city. Becky began with a very important lecture for all people who take care of culture heritage, especially those who take care of textiles. Documentation is one of the most important things for each object, since if we do [...]