Day 9, Textile Conservation School, Gjirokaster, Albania

Posted by Charlotte Gamper

First thing this morning I travelled to meet local artist and traditional costume expert Stavri Cati, in his home studio where he has been working since at least the 1960s (…so long he can’t remember the exact date).  Stavri is possibly the only person living today who holds within his mind and studio walls the [...]

Day 8 Gjirokaster, Albania

Posted by Melangell Penrhys

Day 8 of the school started very early in the morning for Nedi and I. We had been asked to appear on national breakfast television on the programme ’7 pa 5′ and had done the 5 hour drive from our day drip on Sunday afternoon up to Tirana in readiness to be bright eyed and [...]

Day 7 – Gjirokaster, Albania. Textile Conservation School 2015

Posted by Azra

Sunny Sunday…  day off !!!   We hit a road in a minibus. It was more flying than driving, but nevertheless we reached Seranda safely. This time we had a chance to see Museum of tradition, with ethnological collections, as well as Archaeological Museum. After we had a opportunity to enjoy in traditional costumes, household items, [...]

Day 6 – Gjirokaster, Albania. Textile Conservation School 2015

Posted by Azra

A sunny morning for the last day of lectures! To wake people up we had Charley’s informal lecture and demo on stitching. She took us through a process of stabilising a textile using a needle and thread. Participants had a chance to see samples of different types of pins, needles, and also various ways of [...]

Day 5 – Gjirokaster, Albania. Textile Conservation School 2015

Posted by Lyndsey Mackay

We awoke to a beautiful, sunny day after two foggy mornings. Mela, Nedi and I headed straight to the Ethnographic Museum to pick some objects from storage for conservation treatments. In the meantime, the group were in Babameto to hear from Charley and Azra about conservation principles for display and setting up a conservation workshop. [...]